ISP Email Account? Which one to use?

Every day we make choices. When it comes to choosing an emailĀ service, you may want to be very cautious. Here I’ll share with you my experiences from using different types of email accounts from different email services.
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What to consider when you choose an email service

Well, first and foremost, the background of the company who provides the service. Security always comes first. So, for a well known company such as Google or Microsoft, you can be pretty much sure that your emails and accounts will be safe with them. Next thing that you would want to consider is the features provided in the webmail client and its ease of use (of course if you’re to use an external email application such as outlook express, you will not have to worry about the features and whether if it’s easy to use).

Gmail is an email service provided (as free) by Google (I’m sure you know about them otherwise you have been under the rock for too many years). From all email services I’ve used, I recommend Gmail the most because of its reliability, ease of use (both login and managing email), availability of mobile app (android & iOS) to access your email account anywhere anytime, amount of free storage, etc. You can sign up for an account directly at Ever since Google implemented the “One account for everything” feature, you can get access to all other Google’s products such as Google Plus, Google Drive, Google Adwords, Adsense and many more with a single login of your Gmail account.

Hotmail is an email service provided (also as free) by Microsoft. Very often you would find that you need a hotmail account to access things such as the Windows Live Network or Games for Windows Live. I signed up mine because I needed it to login to my machine.

However I’m completely fine with it. Although it is not my primary email account, it does provide a decent storage as a secondary email account. They handle spam very well too, so getting an hotmail account as your secondary email account isn’t a bad idea after all.

ISP Email account

Depending on which ISP you’re using (some are really good), but most will give you a very tiny storage size such as only 100mb. You will have to contact your ISP to know more about your email account restrictions. Most of them will not provide a webmail client and therefore you can’t check your email with just a browser. To check your email you will have to use an external email application such as outlook express. Sometimes there’ll be glitch between receiving and sending emails and I’ve experienced this myself that an email is simply unreachable to my account. If it’s not because of my name card that has this email address, I would have stopped using it.

Everything written above is purely my personal experience from using different email services. My intention is to help people to save their time from having to choose between thousands of email services from the internet. Well, it’s still your choice that matters. Good Luck.


  1. Hi, I’ve been using Gmail ever since 2008. I find it to be rather easy to use and I like it when I can sign in as chrome in other computers to syn everything I have such as bookmarks. But one question always bother me, is it safe to tick the stay sign in check box when I sign in? Thank you.


  2. I hate hotmail so much I’ve made about 10 different email and when I go to login it says they don’t exist.


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